IncomeConductor® is a proprietary, cloud-based tool that allows advisors, firms and individuals to create customized, time-segmented income plans that can be easily tracked and managed throughout retirement. We don’t guess or project probabilities – we provide a written plan that gives retirees the peace of mind they deserve. The

Baby Boom is creating an unprecedented Retirement Boom. According to the U.S. Census, 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 – every single day. Most have no pensions. Millions are confused about funding the future. Expertise in the critical sweet spot of Retirement Income is already being desperately sought. IncomeConductor® and its time-segmented strategy put you front and center.

“They chose to work with us because no one else had shown them concrete evidence of how retirement would be handled through the years. People understand time segmentation, especially when they see the visuals. We look like geniuses.”

– LPL Advisor

“In just two meetings, the IncomeConductor plan we created for the prospect not only convinced them to come on as a client, but to consolidate all their assets with us.”

– Wellington Altus Advisor

LEARN - Comprehensive on-demand training gets you up and running quickly with our web-based platform, planning tools, and management tools.


PLAN - Creating, honing and managing detailed, customized income distribution plans has taken a dramatic leap forward.


INVEST - Easily link and sync client asset data from any location to flexibly fund income plans and ensure up to date account balances.


TRACK - Daily tracking and automated insights help protect income along the way without giving up market growth.

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