90-Day Check-In Meeting Guide

Use this resource to guide your 90-day check-in meeting with new hires and gather feedback during the onboarding process.   Download

New Hire Bio Template

Use this template as an example to send to your new hires during the onboarding process and request a short bio you can share with…

Confidentiality Agreement

Use this confidentiality (non-disclosure/NDA) agreement with new employees to safeguard client privacy.  Always consult with an Employment/Labor Law attorney prior to using to ensure your…

Employee Handbook Template

Use this document as a sample for creating your own Employee Handbook.  Always consult with an Employment/Labor Law attorney prior to the distribution of your…

First Week Agenda Example

Use this example when creating a first week agenda for your new employee as part of the new hire process. Download

Getting to Know Me Form

Use this form during your new hire onboarding process to learn more about what is important to your new team member so that you can…

New Employee Guide Template

Use this template to create a guide for your new team member that includes their training plan and other important information. Download